Comparing Personal Twitter Accounts [Infographic]

Split Personalities

How-You-Can-Manage-Twitter-Accounts-Which-Have-Multiple-CustomersYou might not know this but I have multiple personalities. Well…on Twitter any way! I operate dozens of Twitter accounts (you can see a few of them at but I also have two accounts that represent my personal opinions. I consider @NickTheHouse my more “Professional” account and @NickBorelli as my “Fun” account of sorts.

The reason for the split is one of content. I comment and discuss the subjects of the event industry, social media marketing, and living in Cleveland on @NickTheHouse. While on @NickBorelli I tweet about Comic Books, My Podcast, Science Fiction, Comedy, etc. Since there isn’t much overlap between all these topics and the fact that I have the ability to populate both. I was looking at both accounts and how I use them recently. Here’s some data I found:



It’s amazing that there is this much variance between how I post. Do you have more than one Twitter account?