Conference Networking Tips

Get The Most From Your Conference


The Special Event 2013 is here! This is one of the best event industry conferences for networking in the United States. If you are in Chicago for this event, make sure to check out my article on the use of social media for networking while at the conference.

Here are a few other tips to try while at TSE in Chicago to meet more event professionals.


What is it 1950? Why would a responsible person in 2013 promote smoking? Well, it works. Since smoking outside is the only place you can (sometimes) smoke, small pockets of attendees will find themselves huddled outside in the elements for a smoke break. This type of exclusive grouping of strangers is a great opportunity to break the ice. As a cigar smoker, I have the advantage of an even longer time in these groupings. I was able to meet and then stay in contact with attendees of Event World 2012 that I met while smoking from both Malaysia and Australia simply because we were all engaged in a shared activity that only a minority of people continue to engage in.

Hang Out At The Bar

Find the host hotel bar. That should be your new HQ. Fight the idea of hanging out at your hotel room. Find the table that has easy access to an outlet and use this location as the place to do your work. If you do that, you can keep an eye out for attendees and they can get use to seeing you. Keep your lanyard on because it makes other attendees aware of why you are there and makes you much more approachable. Be social!

Dress To Be Noticed

This isn’t cut and dry. You can easily take this in the wrong direction and end up dressing in a way that doesn’t help you. Make sure to stick to your personal style but be a bit daring. There’s nothing memorable from a distance about a guy in a white shirt and black slacks. Accentuate to stand out or wear something that let’s people start a conversation with you. This could be clothing or a pin that tells people where you are from. Make it easier to be remembered!