Connector’s Choice Awards Finalist

It’s All About Who You Know

I really appreciate everyone who voted for me in this year’s CBC Magazine Connector’s Choice Awards for Networking Star. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself as one of the top 5 finalists for this award. On top of that, Rock The House has made it to the finalist stage for Event Production Company of the Year as well as Corporate Entertainer of the Year.


If that wasn’t enough, ISES Cleveland is a finalist for both Networking Organization of the Year and Networking Event of the Year (from October 2012’s Speed Networking Event). As the Marketing and Communications Director of Rock The House as well as the Vice President of Communications for ISES Cleveland, that meant I had to write five nomination submissions of the holidays! I was the victim of my own success. That said, the recommendation letters I received really made me feel great.

I am thankful that I was able to be given quite a few testimonials to my ability to network. I choose a few for different reasons. The three I went with were from someone I am just starting to get to know, Brett Yacovella from Making the Moment Photography. I choose another from a new international friend, Lee Mark of Malaysia’s HotShoes. While I picked the third from a pillar of the Cleveland Event Industry, John Bibbo of Event Source.

If you’re interested, here’s what they had to say:

“Nick Borelli is an incredibly gifted networking ninja. Not only has he managed to connect our organization with key players in our industry, he has done so with ease and a personal touch. Nick has a natural proclivity for social networking as well, and we’ve had the pleasure of gleaning some powerful tips and tactics from his arsenal of experience and knowledge. Nick is without a doubt on the forefront and leading edge of networking, connecting and growing business relationships.”

Brett Yacovella
, Owner of Making the Moment Photography in Cleveland, Ohio

“Nick’s the guy who is into hi-tech but he also has the ability to remain the traditional & ever needed hi-touch; where the friendly and personal warmth/honesty comes across”

Lee Mark, CEO of HotShoes Asia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Nick Borelli has successfully established a professional, multi-faceted online presence that interlaces people and events.

So impressed was I with his social media and networking skills, I invited him to speak to my employees and marketing team in hopes that they could garner a bit of his universally integrated knowledge about social media networking. It has been my pleasure to work with him through ISES as well, where he has demonstrated that life has immediacy and we should share that in real time–then he proceeds to do that effortlessly and at mind-boggling speed. We all doubt that the man sleeps because he is so thorough in his approach and results. Members of my sales team try to emulate his ability generate enthusiasm for events by considering how they might create a buzz or be applied to every social networking platform. My testimony is that what he has shared has already expanded our contacts and helped my business grow. He knows his stuff.

I regard him as an accomplished networking professional and highly recommend he be chosen as the recipient of this award.

Sincerely, John Bibbo President of Event Source