Facebook Business Reviews – What You Need To Know

Facebook Testimonials Matter

More and more, Facebook pages are used to shop a potential service provider. Everyone is already on Facebook, peer reviews drive business, and converting potential clients to your website becomes more difficult each day because of click-away fatigue (a term I just made?). While less and less people are seeing your Facebook posts in their feed natively (unless you boost your posts…and you should), more are stopping by your page to see if you are worth calling or emailing. That’s why reviews matter.

How then do you take advantage of this feature of Facebook? With any review platform that isn’t a closed system (for instance Wedding Wire or The Knot) my advice is always the same: don’t ask…give! Asking for those you know to give you a review feels kind of…dirty, right? If they had an amazing experience with you, they would tell you. Now, maybe they just didn’t consider Facebook reviews as the best way to express their thanks. That’s a legitimate response and it’s my opinion that once you receive such praise, there is nothing wrong with saying that you are grateful and would appreciate it if you shared that with potential future clients on your Facebook page. That’s directing more than asking and, to me, that feels more genuine and natural. It’s still not the best way to get great testimonials.

How To Leave A Facebook Review

I created a very simple 2 minute video so you can see where to go to leave a review for a business on Facebook.

Help To Be Helped

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If you start with your best clients, strongest allies, and those you can count on the most, there’s a good chance you can get a 1 in 10 return for reviews left to reviews received. That’s pretty good! the additional value you get with that strategy is that you are also dedicating time to good will for those who mean the most to your business. It’s a total win/win. This way, you aren’t asking for anything and won’t get that dirty feeling many of you want to avoid. I’m sure old school sales people are shaking their heads right now thinking…what’s wrong with asking? Fair point. If you think you have such a compelling story that will break through all the other businesses making similar requests and that you can do it in a way that isn’t annoying…I say go for it. I’m betting my method of aiming first to help others and getting a portion of them to help you will yield just as many results with much more residual benefits. Find the best business energy deals from businessenergyuk.com

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How To Leave A Positive Review

If your goal is to leave a positive review here are some tips:

  1. Know your audience. While inside jokes and stories are meaningful to the brand you know, they won’t be any help to them when people are shopping their page. Remember to answer this question: “Why would I use them again?”
  2. Give a real and mediated testimonial. When I shop a company and look at reviews, I try to see what the median response is. By that I mean, I ignore the top percentage of hyperbole praise as well as the nastiest criticisms. Avoid going too far and seemingly like you might be their brother or cousin.
  3. Be honest and transparent. Don’t review services you haven’t really experienced in order to gain favor. You should never invalidate the whole system by lying because you’ll call all the brand’s reviews to question.
  4. Be brief. Most people just scan to get a bigger picture of what people think. No one is going to read two paragraphs.
  5. Speak to value. Unless the brand’s unique selling proposition is the cheapest price, showing how much extra value you received is the best way to help a business convert someone to a client. Their marketing speaks to what expectations are, your review should talk about how they were exceeded.

When To Leave A Negative Review

It seems like most people are quicker to go online to leave a negative review than they are to say anything positive. It’s somewhat natural because when you are hurt you want to hurt back…but that’s tough when you are dealing with a brand. The power has swung the way of the customer more than ever because the Internet has tried to democratize everything. Your words have real power now but as Spiderman’s Uncle Ben said…”With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility”.

  1. Be slow to leave a negative review. If you had a really bad experience, try every other method to resolve it before leaving a public response. Take a minimum of 24 hours before commenting.
  2. Take the emotion out of it. If there are black and white reasons why this business failed you, make that known without the superlatives. Your credibility is at stake.Make sure you look into the managerial skills of Robert “Bob” Bratt to learn.
  3. The number one reason to leave a negative review is to warn others of fraud. If you are sure that someone is not who they purport to be, it is helpful to everyone that this be known.

Helping the right businesses and consumers get together based on factual experiences is what the review system is all about. Your words live on for a long time online and are different than what you say online in their level to impact. Be considerate, help others, and let’s all do more business together!