Facebook Pages Debate – Edgerank and Promoted Posts

Interest List? Get Notifications?

If you are in the social media marketing game and are the admin of a Facebook Page, you might have noticed some changes! Maybe, like me, your feed has been filled with pages telling you to go to their page and click “Add to Interest List”. You may have even read Dangerous Minds Blog Post that went VERY viral on this topic. Here’s what most people know (that has caused many to get scared):

  • You can now see how many people viewed your page posts.
  • Only about 15% of those who LIKED you see any given post.
  • You can now PAY to promote your post.
  • Interest Lists have been rolled out.

Here’s the thing conspiracy theorists need to remember: Correlation does not equal causation! Although related, these rollouts aren’t all tightly connected.

Many gut reactions have lead people to believe that Facebook has intentionally choked content from brands reaching end users so that brands will have to pay to promote the content they want to reach all of those who like them. That’s not their motivation. Facebook wants to make sure that a person’s feed experience is mostly social and free of hard sales tactics. The much talked (and hated) Facebook feed algorithm (commonly referred to as Edgerank) grades page post harsher than posts by friends (how close are you REALLY to a brand?).

Facebook makes its money from brands but it needs to protect the end user experience or it has nothing to offer. This is their dilemma. I feel for them! I use every (just barely) Facebook compliant tactic possible to get the most out of the platform for business. That’s my job. I also follow over 1,000 brands (way more than most) and I would NOT want each of their posts showing up in my feed. There needs to be a balance and this is what they are trying with recent additions to the way Facebook Pages show up in feeds.

I’d like to go over a few NEW options for page admins but first I need to stress the REAL way to use Facebook Pages that Edgerank is less harsh to. Create impactful content – do NOT hard sell. The algorithm will work for you more if you create content that gets lots of LIKES, SHARES, and COMMENTS. It also likes posts without spammy wording (50% off, Sale, Buy, etc.). This is not the same as SEO copywriting. I will post on Facebook Page post tactics soon so you can get some ideas.

Interest Lists

It seems like every brand is asking you to go to their page and add them to your Interest Lists with images like this:

interest list promoted posts marketing

I couldn’t find specific data on how many people on Facebook use Interest Lists nor do I know anyone who uses them at all! I’m taking an educated guess and saying not many do. Most wouldnt even know where to look. Interest Lists  do not affect your basic feed algorithm. They just make it so you can choke every post BUT the posts you add to your lists to a specific corner of Facebook. This is designed to work like Lists do on Twitter. Here is where you would have to go to see those lists:


Would YOU go there to ONLY view posts from specific people or brands? If so, I believe you are in a group smaller than the 15% who view your brand’s posts in their feeds. I think pushing this on people is going to be a very uphill struggle because you will also have to get users to view their feeds in a totally different way than they’ve been accustomed. It’s not a bad idea to create your own lists for brand you want to follow for specific reasons (B2B, inspiration, competition, etc.)…I should write something on that too…

Get Notifications

Looking for the closest thing to a magic bullet to the problem of your fans not seeing your posts? THIS is it. If you’ve seen the “Close Friends” option for profiles, this is it for Pages. This is, essentially, a double opt-in for users to say that you want to REALLY follow this Page. Facebook recently rolled this out to combat all the backlash and had this to say:

“We are currently rolling out the ability for people to receive notifications from specific pages, friends or public figures that they are connected to. This feature will help people keep up with the people and things that they care about most.”

If you want to try to impact the amount of people who view your posts (beyond simply creating great content), this is where you need to drive people. Here is where you tell them to go:


So in conclusion, create non-salesy content. Connect with your followers. Every so often, ask them to click “Get Notifications”, and you will have more eyes on your messages.

If you want to see a fun experiment, check out the app I just added to my Podcast’s Facebook Page: