Discover The Best Snapchatters

One of the complaints I hear the most from new Snapchat users is that it’s difficult to find people to follow. Discoverability isn’t something built into Snapchat. That’s why you see so many more people lately changing their social media profile pictures on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to their Snapcodes. It’s hard enough bringing your established audience to this platform let alone finding new people.

That’s where GhostCodes comes in. They are creating the best database of Snapchat users by their codes categorized by their specialties and ranked in order of people liking them. It’s currently available for iOS and will be available for Android in May.

Here’s how it works:

1. Download GhostCodes.


Set Up Your Profile

(Password Is Pinky)

Ghostcodes Welcome

Choose That Category That Best Describes You


Add Interests So People Can Find You

Ghostcodes snapchat

Find Snapchatters To Follow


Search “NickBorelli” and Give Me A Heart!

IMG_2047 (1)


That’s it! Have fun finding new like minded people to connect with on this platform.

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