Google Changes Algorithm In An Attempt To Hurt Torrent Sites

Google Buckles to Hollywood Lobbyists

Last week Google announced that their latest algorithm update will downgrade results to their searches that have had copyright law breaches. This is the result of the MPAA’s claims that Google has never taken a strong stand against copyright infringement. If a site has a high number of removal notices it will result in a decline in their ability to be found on search engines. Is this a big deal to those who host torrent sites? Not really.

Torrent sites claim that less than 20% of their traffic comes from search engine results. Most of those come from trying to search for the right extension. This means those looking for Piratebay often search for “” and find out that the correct location is . The big implication of this switch is that Google is moving away from being a neutral utility and more towards a content distribution network. Many online pundits don’t even believe there is a way for an algorithm to police this and it’s really just an exuse for them to change these rankings based on complaints made by the RIAA and MPAA.

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Ironically, one of the worst offenders, if this was a fair system would be Google’s own YouTube. After doing some searches, I have yet to see this actually take affect. This might just be a publicity stunt. In an somewhat related note, R.I.P. Demonoid.