ILEA Name Change – Updating For Your Business

Your Association Has Evolved, Now What?

For the past 28 years, the International Special Events Society has been the industry standard for collaboration and education across the event industry spectrum. In its continued evolution, the association has changed its name to the International Live Events Association. I discuss why I believe the name change is the correct positioning for the next quarter century in this article. The big 10,000 foot view strategies have been completed and, for members, what comes now is the practical work.

The next part of the transition will be for the individual chapters. I’ve been given the chance to work with a team of volunteers this year who will be assisting them with collateral updates. For members years of chanting “We Are ISES!”, wearing pins, and using the hashtag #WeAreISES have left many of us very entrenched in the old acronym. I’m guessing, like me, you keep finding new places to change ISES from ILEA. Since I have a large digital footprint, I’ve been keeping track of where I’ve been making changes so I can help other members do the same. While this checklist will vary for many of you, it should be a pretty good start for your updates.


If your website has a search function built into it (many WordPress sites do), this is going to be very easy for you. If not, there’s a more manual way to do it that is also fairly simple. Either using your native search function or holding down the Windows or Command button + the “F” key – search for ISES on every page. You can then either modify that page as you normally would or earmark it for your webmaster. Don’t forget to also change your links from “” to “”. That covers the text you can see on your site.

If you have a blog on your site, you have some options. I don’t think you need to change the copy from posts that described events that took place under the ISES banner. That chapter of the association is very valid and doesn’t really make sense to erase. You should see value, however, in adding the ILEA and International Live Events Association tags to those posts. Consider the naming conventions of your images as well as the alt text (sorry if I’m losing you if you aren’t hardcore bloggers). The ISES and International Special Events Society words will have diminished value over time for your SEO. A change might make a slightly positive difference.

Member Graphics

Your chapter can provide your with the new member logos that can be used on your website, email signatures, and business cards in addition to other places. If you have questions on their use, ask the VP of Communications from your local chapter. .JPGs of those graphics are available here as well (click on them for larger versions).

ILEA_MemberLogo_2603C      ILEA_MemberLogo_CoolGray8

Social Media

Brand Facebook Page

facebook about pageThe “About” section of your Facebook page under the “Page Info” section should have updated copy. If you have specialized photo albums featuring images from chapter events, consider changing that too. The last place to look is on the current graphic you are using for your Facebook Cover image.


Facebook Personal Profile

personal facebook pageThe intro copy at the top left of your page pulls information from other areas of your profile but can be manipulated right from there.




Facebook About PageThere are a lot of places to potentially update under the About page on your personal profile. Make sure to go through each tab.



While you are going through all this, make sure you have liked your ILEA Chapter’s Facebook Page, the International ILEA Facebook Page, and consider subscribing to this Facebook List of all the ILEA Chapters.


ilea twitter nick borelliIf you choose to reference the association in your Twitter profile, remember to make the change. Also, don’t forget that hashtags and @ mentions are clickable in profiles so referencing #MyILEA, your chapter, or @ILEAHub.

If you schedule posts far in advance through utilities like Hootsuite, go there and edit to change references to ISES.




Nick Borelli LinkedInLinkedIn is where you’ll have the most work to do. I advise you to comb over your entire profile to make changes (it’s a good idea to do that a few times a year any way).

When it comes to the “Honors & Awards” section, in my opinion (and it’s only mine), I think if you won an award that has the ISES acronym on it, it should stay that way. Meaning, there’s no need to alter the past, just adjust for the future. Under organizations you’ve worked for, I’m applying the same logic. Since I served on the ISES Live committee before the name change, I am keeping that the same. I have been the Cleveland Chapter president during the change over so I’ve decided to list my participation under Organizations as “ILEA Cleveland (Formally ISES). Just make sure you look at your entire profile and make the necessary changes and be consistent.


Nick Borelli Instagram ProfileFor your personal and business Instagram accounts, your bio is the main place to make changes. The other place to consider is in the copy of images that use the hashtag #WeAreISES or your chapter hashtags. If you want these images to also come up when people search for your current chapter hashtags and #MyILEA, add a comment to those photos with those hashtags. No need to edit, just add them.


Nick Borelli on PinterstLike most platforms, you are going to just adjust your bio if you plan to include your association membership in the area you have. When it comes to naming boards, know that both ISES and International Special Events Society will be searched far less frequently so for maximum discoverability, change the titles of your boards.


nick Borelli youtube profileThe places to look to update are your Channel Description, Channel Art Image, and the names of your Playlists. The other place to consider changing is the names and descriptions of your videos. As mentioned, less people will be searching for ISES and that means your videos will be less likely found.


Nick Borelli Google PlusAdmit it, you forgot about this one! While I don’t find much value in Google+’s SMO (Social Media Optimization), I do believe in it’s value for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Make sure you look at the about section of your page and your cover art. In addition, you might want to change some of your post entries because posting to this platform is all about being found.


Nick Borelli - PeriscopeI’m also assuming those of you who use this forgot about your profile here too!





You don’t have to worry too much about your Snapchat and Vine accounts because of their very limited “About” sections and Profiles.

Here are a few other places to consider looking at for your bios:

  • Swarm
  • Tumblr
  • Pages
  • Yelp
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Foursquare
  • Skype

When in doubt, go to Google to see what’s still out there and make a choice to change it or not (if you have the option). Being part of an association is a real investment. Being on brand and being seen are two ways to get the most from your investment.

If I missed anything or you have additional questions, email me and I’d be happy to help.