Instagram Changes Summary

The 2016 Instagram Algorithm Change

Here’s a brief list of what you need to know about the changes to Instagram.
If you want the full story and the implications, click here.

  • Instagram announced it’s moving to an algorithm similar to Facebook’s for the order of what is seen in it’s feed.
  • The reason for the change is that users only see 30% of their feed in a given day on average.
  • The change has yet to roll out and Instagram has said testing will take months.
  • Users react by posting images to their feeds telling people to turn on their notifications for their posts.
  • The algorithm is nothing to fear, it just means that posts that are liked and commented on more will be seen at the top of the feeds of those who comment and like them the most.
  • The next logical step for Instagram would be to implement a pay boost post feature to make sure your content would be seen by more people.
  • The need to have strategy for your posting will be much more important because pictures and videos without engagement will mean less and less activation.

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