Instagram is Down…Now What?

Is It Still Food If You Can’t Take A Picture Of It?

Last night I covered a truly amazing 80s Wedding Reception (actually a Wedding Rehearsal) at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I did so with a Cannon 2ti AND an iPhone using Instagram. On my way home, I tried to check Instagram and, unfortunately, couldn’t access the app. I tried on my my iPad with the same result. There was no Instagram for 12 hours on Jun 30th, 2012.

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Apparently, the outage affected Pinterest and Netflix as well and was due to power outages. It’s just amazing that these interruptions affect our lives. Earlier in the week I was sweating from the FourSquare servers being down. Now that it’s back, I’ve noticed that people are making up for lost time and posting even more! Either way, I’ve got to get back to looking at photos of people’s lunches, pets, and sneakers.

Here are two Instagram shots from my iPhone