I’ve Joined the SEARCH Foundation Board

The New Chair of the Public Relations Committee


I have recently been honored by being selected to the SEARCH Foundation’s board of directors and have been chosen as the Chair of the Public Relations Committee for a two year term starting January 2013. I couldn’t be more excited!

First, if you are not familiar with SEARCH…you will be (that’s going to be my job!). The SEARCH Foundation is a national non-profit group that raises funds and awareness for Event Industry Professionals in need. I have been a member of the Event Industry since I was 14 years old. These are my people! To be given an opportunity to give back to the industry that has accepted, taught, and embraced me is a real privilege.

SEARCH raises money through donations and events to give to Event Professionals with needs ranging from disaster relief, illness, or need of education. My efforts will benefit our industry as a whole which results in better experiences for guests. Our efforts impact the most important days in people’s lives which real responsibility. I really believe that I have no chance giving back as much as I’ve received from mentors I have had in the event industry. This is my chance to at least give it a try!

Chairman of the SEARCH Board of Directors, Rick Turner had this to say to me today:

“As the Chair of the Public Relations Committee, you will be responsible for making people aware of SEARCH through social media and presentation efforts. You will bring new insight to these efforts and provide the Foundation with a Campaign of Awareness.”

Challenge accepted. Get use to hearing about SEARCH a lot from now on!

If you are interested in more information on how you can help SEARCH’s mission, Click Here.