Midwest Social Media Summit: Jim Kukral

First Speaker at #MWSMS


Jim Kukral was a great speaker today at the Midwest Social Media Summit at Landerhaven. Smart Buisness is putting on a very important event on November 28, 2012. Jim is an author and content marketer who stressed investments in mobile, ROI on social media, and strategy.

This equation was very valuable.

  • Emotions = Create Reactions
  • Friends = Social Equity
  • Amazing Content = Sharing
  • Sharing = Search Results
  • Search Results = ROI

Key take aways:

  • Create content or die.
  • The Future of Search is not an algorithm, but social and sharingconnections.
  • If you want to be remarkable, you have to do something remarkable. Emotions create reactions.
  • Don’t think like a user, think like a marketer. It’s not about ‘needing another social media account’, it’s about reaching new users.
  • Facebook ads don’t work because people are there to be entertained, not solve problems.



Jim F. Kukral

Thanks for being here and taking the great photo. I am glad you enjoyed my presentation and hope you took some good stuff away from it. Great to meet more Clevelanders!