Social Media Professional on 19 Action News

Men On Pinterest?

I was recently asked to be interviewed by Cleveland’s CBS affiliate, 19 Action News on the topic of Men on Pinterest. I have a few Pinterest Accounts both professional and personal and I really like the platform. I am still at a loss as to why men have not adopted this popular social media brand like women have. It’s a really interesting social experiment that has me as an outlier.


Read the article on our interview here.


Either way, I was really happy to talk with 19 Action News Cleveland‘s Tiffani Tucker about Pinterest. I talked about it’s history, how people are using the platform, and my speculation on it’s future. I just don’t think many men have given it a fair shake. I am a hardcore Tumblr fan and that’s what kept me from using Pinterest more for a long time. Unlike Tumblr, the “boards” feature of Pinterest makes it much more organized. You aren’t just moving images around to others via broadcasting, you are, essentially, collecting pictures. As a collector, this appeals to me.


Each of my Pinterest boards are very different. I believe that good content creation needs to understand its audience and stay on topic. For this reason, I have different personal Pinterest accounts for myself.

One account is infographic heavy and focuses on Marketing, Social Media, & Cleveland –

My newest account is basically just a big list of things I want to own! Focusing primarily on geek items I just need to have –

My first Pinterest account is now the account for my Podcast. The address proof I’m an early adopter –

In addition to these Pinterest accounts I also started and manage,, and I have a few more that are almost ready to promote.

Pinterest can work for your business, hobbies, and in tons of different ways. Have a great Pinterest account? Let me know about it on Twitter – @NickTheHouse