The 20 Instagram Posts You Should Archive Now

Retire Those Photos Today!

In the summer of 2017, Instagram rolled out a featured called “Archive” which allows users to hide a picture or video you’ve previously shared. These archived post can be brought back whenever you want but this allows you to keep photos that mean something to you but might not be relevant to others anymore.

Here’s how to do it:

I was an early adopter and heavy user of Instagram and had as many as 4,300 posts on my main account (Nick.Borelli). Like many of us, I’ve gone through different phases of life as well as how I use this social media platform. Who I am today and the strategies I use are not the same as five years ago. The same goes for your brand. You’ve likely evolved and become more sophisticated in how you use Instagram for your goals.  Here are the 20 post types you can archive right now and it will only help your marketing goals. Some of these are more relevant to solopreneurs and single-op businesses but the lessons should be the same. If your post doesn’t bring someone value right now, archive it.

Instagram has given us this tool so now there is no excuse. It’s time to clean up.

Thowback Thursday

1. Throwback Thursday

Ah, the #ThrowbackThursday posts. The free space for social media marketers. By their very nature these are often recycled pieces of content.

Ask yourself if this post satisfied your minimum quota for post frequency that week or if the message was unique and still has value to someone who would find it today.





Family Photos

2. Family Photos

This might be controversial but solopreneurs, those who engage in social selling and even small businesses are guilty of using their marketing outlets to show off their kids. It’s natural. I’m just as guilty.

Those posts can do a lot to endear you to clients even but they do not provide as much value to people as time goes on. You’d never want to delete them so archive at least some of them.

They’re really for you anyway, right?




Food Photos

3. Food Photos

Since the onset of Instagram, there have been food photos. A lot of food photos. As you go back, I bet you’ll find these were in frequent rotation earlier in your Instagram adoption too.

Unless food is your business, there isn’t much long-term value in people seeing what you ate (not much short term either).

Just because you can ‘gram something, doesn’t mean you have to.





Obligatory Photos

4. Obligatory Photos

There are places that just beg to be photographed and most of us fall right in line. The problem is, everyone else has taken the same photos so yours won’t ever be memorable long-term. Get more views from and get a better reach.

The photos you had to take because of FOMO? Those can easily be archived because that moment has passed. You got it out of your system and now its time to make room for content with evergreen impact.



Internet Holidays

5. Internet Holidays

I “celebrate” Internet holidays all the time and I tell my clients to so as well. It’s quirky, they trend, and it’s what people are talking about that day.

When you want to post each and every day it’s good to have some inspiration and these “(Inter)national Day of ____” Days really help fill a content calendar. They don’t age well, though. In addition to that, having a backlog with a lot of these looks uncreative and uninspired.

Get them in, get the engagement you can get, and then get them out.



Group Photos

6. Group Photos

I love showing off the cool people I get to spend time with especially while at conferences. These photos probably mean more to me than my followers, however.

I think these are the perfect photos to archive vs. delete and I’m happy this function exists for that reason.

I can see them any time I want but others will have a better chance finding content aimed at them through the exclusion of sentimental photos.




Promotional Posts

7. Promotional Posts

These are the first to go because they have the most obvious shelf life. Once you are done promoting an event, seasonal service, or limited offer, remove it through archival.

You’ll still have access to the analytics of the post and the engagement for follow-ups and data collection too.

These have very little value to anyone’s marketing strategies over time.





New Technologies

8. New Technologies

Turns out I’ve posted a picture of the new iPhone I’ve bought every year I’ve been on Instagram!

I always struggle to find value in sharing these photos other than letting people know I invest in the latest technologies in my field.

That said, last year’s tech doesn’t impress anyone. Once the moment is up, archive the post.





Too Many Event Photos

9. Too Many Event Photos

When you attend or produce events, you tend to increase the percentage you post on all platforms (especially ones more geared to in the moment posting like Instagram).

The effect of giving your followers FOMO and showing that you are at something out of the ordinary is a powerful one while you are there but over time the volume isn’t necessary.

It’s better to show people looking over your wall the variety of experiences you’ve had or created vs. the volume of images from any one event.

Pick your best one of each day and archive the rest.



Traveling Photos

10. Traveling Photos

We get it! You’re a world traveler!

The advent of Instagram Stories and Snapchat has migrated a lot of the photos I use to see on Instagram of people every time they got on a plane or took off. T

hat’s good news because that content really has a shelf life. If part of your strategy is to show people you offer services outside the region you live in, I can understand showing this off.

Just know that showing landmarks or other signifiers are more interesting than your isle seat.



 11. Drinking

Again, you get caught in the moment…it’s understandable! These photos do humanize you, that’s for sure.

The downside? No value to others longterm and these could add up over time giving people the wrong impression.





12. Contests

If you enter a social media-driven contest, you generally have to post someone else’s content or create content to suit their needs.

Once the contest is over, archive that. It doesn’t benefit you anymore. In addition, if you are putting on a contest, that content isn’t very valuable after the contest is over either.





Seasonal Changes

13. Seasonal Changes

Showing changes in season or spikes in cold or warm weather are topical that day but really aren’t much of anything.

Once again, you’re experiencing that in the moment and there’s something to that type of content but it’s also of no value to the people of the future.





Art Shots

14. Art Shots

The “perfect” photo (or just the one with the most filters). We’ve all thought we shot them. The problem is, they don’t really help anyone…they just look cool.
If you are either a professional photographer or just a typical user (and not marketing anything) these are the best kinds of photos.

If you are neither of those, what matters more than aesthetics is fulfilling your mission through your content.




Inside Jokes

 15. Inside Jokes

If “you had to be there” it doesn’t need to be published. It’s only funny if you understand the joke.







Board Meetings

16. Board Meetings

Board meetings often occur 12 times a year. There isn’t much people can get if you post that you’re in a meeting let alone that many times.

Showing that you are contributing to an organization you believe in is important but if you are looking to trim the fat, remove the frequency you remind people you are on a board.





Live Music

17. Live Music

Experience live music is one of the most exciting things you can take part in. Wanting to share the excitement you are feeling is only natural. The problem is, the technology in your phone often doesn’t do the experience justice.

In addition to that, no more than one post dedicated to a performance is interesting to anyone else. I think many people post these for themselves as memory markers. That type of behavior is perfect for Instagram’s archive section.




Live Sports

18. Live Sports

This is the same idea as live music except it’s even more contingent on that specific time and place. Whatever you post, it’s very likely to require the person to understand what was going on with that team at that time.

These rarely age well.





Re-posting From Other Social Medias

19. Re-posting From Other Social Medias

These seldom need posting in the first place but there are times where it makes sense.

I can see reviews or testimonials made from one platform shared with followers you have on another. Other than that, it’s best to keep what takes place on one social media where it belongs.






Pumpkin Spice Latte

20. Pumpkin Spice Latte 

Don’t be so basic!








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