Today’s Bride Exhibitor Seminar

Social Media & Web Design And Trade Show Exhibiting

1504137_10151914091557909_1281680629_nI will be speaking at St. Michael’s Woodside for an seminar for event professionals looking to gain insights on ways to improve their trade show marketing as exhibitors. This event is being put together by the region’s best Bridal Show and Magazine, Today’s Bride. Speaking with me is Marvin Montgomery who I just can’t get enough of! His passion and excitement for sales is infectious. I can’t wait to sit back and watch the reactions of those in attendance because I know they are going to love being “Marvinized”! In addition to Marvin, Da’Ron Henderson is going to speak. With Da’Ron’s experience in marketing with Hot Cards Akron and his entertainment company Lo-Key Entertainment, he’s uniquely qualified to present to this group.

My presentations always stress takeaways. I want everyone in attendance to leave with proven and actionable ideas that can transform their businesses. Since I’m in the trenches with these event professionals, I understand what their frustrations and I have a few ways to get the most from their experience as a trade show vendor. Social Media and Web Design might not be the first thing an exhibitor thinks about when planning for their booth but I’m going to tell everyone why it should be high on their list.

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