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For the past 7 days I have been playing around with a program called Tweet Adder. After reading some reviews and watching some demo videos, I decided that this Twitter management software was worth a shot. After only one week, I’ve concluded that this is the most powerful Twitter application I have had the chance to work with. It does a lot but you only have to work with the functions that make sense for your account needs. Much of the program is based in automation. Automation is one of the dirtiest words in the social media game. It’s like steroids in Major League Baseball…if you want to be on top you need to compete with others using the same additives.

What makes Tweet Adder powerful is its ability to responsibly use automation tactics. My primary focus has been on boosting my followers through following others. This is done through searches of words and phrases said in tweets, user bios, or by just adding the followers of others. For the Twitter accounts of small businesses I run, it’s very important to utilize the location field as part of the search so that the potential audience I acquire is in the appropriate area where services can be sold to. It’s less important for say, building an audience for my podcast.

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These searches yield results which are accounts that get added to a queue. What makes this software powerful is that is then automates the following process over the course of time you set to make the actions appear as human as possible. This process would give soon give you a pretty big problem.

Much has been written on a person’s Twitter ratio and what that says about them. I can say that if you follow double the followers that you have, I don’t take you that seriously. That said, unless you use the automated unfollow feature of Tweet Adder…you’re going to be running into that pretty quickly.

Tweet Adder’s unfollow is really simple. You automatically unfollow those who you have added through Tweet Adder in waves based on a set amount of time that you’ve given them to follow you back by. As you run your campaign, you will be see temporary climbs in ┬áthose you follow and a steady increase of those who follow you back. My tweet searches are radically different depending on the account I am working on. The bio information searches are also really effective but yield smaller number of results that are more specialized.

One type of search I absolutely love is that of following other accounts followers. Do you want a similar audience as your competition? Go after their followers! Interested getting the same information as your competitor? Follow who they are following. I find both these tactics powerful when you are going head to head with another account for a specific product or service.

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Tweet Adder has a variety of other features not least among them is the welcome message DM send automatically to all who follow you. If you are driving people to a specific destination, this is a MUST! I was already using this service through Social Oomph for a few of my accounts and I really like this concept.

So if you are serious about growing your Twitter audience my recommendation is to try Tweet Adder and start conservatively with the followers. I tried to go aggressively with a test account and was banned in the matter of hours. 100 new followers a day is plenty if you automate. Give people a week to follow you back before you dump them. Above all, really think about the searches that you use to build your “To Follow” list. Get in your target audience’s head and add those who will get the most from what you offer in content.

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