Avatar Design To Standout

Stand Out In Your Friends’ Feeds

I’m by no means a graphic designer. I just read a lot of social media feeds. Twitter especially has me staring at avatar after avatar. I always plan on standing out especially in social media. Here are a few simple ways to do this:

  1. Make sure the image is of your face. If you are going to stand out, it should be you. There’s a reason people follow you. Let them see you!
  2. Size matters. The smallest size your Twitter icon will be is also the way it will most often be seen: 48×48.
  3. Solid background. Don’t have the background be too complicated. Keep it really simple.
  4. Standout colors. Look through your friends. Go with something that is different from others you know.
  5. Be unique! The best way to standout is to have an original look. Smile in a suit? No way! How about screaming or giving a crazy eye? Now you’re thinking.

Here’s a few examples of mine: