Networking Rising Star of the Year Nomination

My Star Is Rising!

I was happy to see that I’ve been nominated for the Networking Rising Star of the Year award for the 6th Annual CBC Magazine Connector’s Choice Awards. I’ve been going to this for a few years and I’m happy to admit I’ve been on two different teams who have won awards at this event.

This year’s nominees are filled with friends and colleges who are up for awards. Having my name up there (in my last year of eligibility for this particular award) with all of these great event professionals and companies is pretty great. Fellow Rock The House team member, Ryan Konikoff, is also up for a solo award for Best Corporate Event Planner of the year.

As cool as this solo recognition is, I am most excited for the team nominations for Rock The House. We are nominated for both Best Corporate Event Entertainers and Best Event Production Company and we deserve to win! That’s not saying the others in this list are not high quality professionals (they are) it’s just that I can’t imagine a better team than Rock The House.

Voting for all of these categories runs through November 18th, 2012. After that round, the top 10 in each category will have to submit documentation on their 2012 achievements to a panel of judges. Winners will be announced at their annual awards event on February 27th, 2013.

If you’d like to vote for Rock The House and me, click here.

Wish us luck!