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I have curated my career specifically to get to this point. I’ve worked 80 hour weeks, volunteered on boards, mentored under industry giants, and never stop educating myself on the latest marketing trends and technologies.

Borelli Strategies has always been the goal – to give back. My unique skill set and passion to impact our industry is exactly what you need.

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Event Marketing

I collaborate with event producers in order to reach goals. Measured goals, big goals, or even industry-changing goals – let’s make it happen! From selling more tickets to increasing engagement as well as defining your attendee personas, event marketing requires and event marketer. I’d like to bring the same level of passion I apply to every challenge to your event.

Exhibitor Training

Exhibiting is an opportunity. The opportunity an exhibitor has is only as good as their strategies. Who should be in the booth? How are you qualifying A,B, and C leads? Will your booth stand out and attract the right attendees? What is your post-exhibition follow-up strategy? I can help you answer all of these questions to get the most from your trade show booth. For exhibition companies, I offer the same strategies in the form of an educational seminar as to empower your exhibitors and help retain them as long term clients due to their continued success.


If you are an experiential design agency looking to create meaningful experiences for brands, I can help create measurable data points your clients can count on. You know your designs create emotional experiences. Let me help you interpret your clients goals so those emotions lead to a digital activation that can be quantified in order to satisfy the investment in your services.

Event Brand Marketing

I have worked with event planners / designers, DMCs, as well as almost every category of event vendor (including DJs, Caterers, AV Teams, Rental Companies, Event Technologies, and Strategists) to create a marketing plan for their businesses they will actually use based on their specific goals.

Marketing Plan

I listen to your goals, after a period of discovery and research – create custom strategies and tactics you can use to accomplish your goals with the team members you have in place. I follow up after they have been implemented to test the results and see where you want to go from there.


You’re company doesn’t need a full-time ad agency or a marketing director and you’ve tasked a team member with additional¬†responsibilities to take on your marketing too? Sound familiar? If you have a team member who is a good cultural fit to run your day to day marketing efforts, I will work with them on a quarterly basis to create campaigns, analyze data, inform them on the latest trends in digital marketing, evaluate upcoming projects, and create reports for management.


For select companies and events, I am available to take on the ongoing management of their marketing efforts. If you are interested in someone¬†to run your marketing department/event campaign with my specific skill sets, let’s talk. I am taking on only a few more clients like this so it has to be a good fit for us both but I will be able to help you in some capacity.


Examples are: social media walls, social media best practices, website / social media analysis, campaign case studies, training documents, and employee job descriptions.

I listen. I'm smart.

I'm uniquely qualified to help you.