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As a niche specialist in marketing and engagement for event companies and events, I know I can make a big impact with my experience and expertise. I invest more hours than you’d imagine keeping up with the latest trends in social media, event technology, and in the creation of dynamic strategies for a wide array of goals.

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That said, sometimes you just need the answer to a specific question in order to make the right decision for your business. Other times, it’s simply a name or an introduction to the right person in the right market from someone, like myself, who is globally connected. A few minutes conversation can potentially save or make you thousands of dollars.

For only $2.50 a minute, you can get on my schedule for a focused conversation to help solve your problems and get you the answers you need.

Popular Topics

Marketing Your Business Though Social Media.

I have extensive experience creating and executing social media campaigns for a variety of businesses based on very different goals. I can help you create more impactful B2B and/or B2C strategies that will gain much more traction than you’d achieve without my insights. Read more…

Analysis of Your Website

I have been designing and working on websites since the 1990s and keep very up to date with current design trends and optimization techniques. Let me tell you what your website needs the most in order to meet your unique goals. Read more…

Live Event Strategies

With over 20 years experience and a powerful International network, I can give you the help you need in order to reach the goals you have for your live event. Read more…

Event Marketing Strategy.

If you are looking to increase attendance, engagement, or target a specific group to attend your event, my strategies are exactly what you need to get to the next level. Read more…

Conference and Trade Show Opportunities

Trying to determine which event and/or meeting conferences/trade shows to attend within the event industry can be an expensive gamble. Depending on your unique goals, one show might be exactly what you need or potentially a waste of your time. Read more…

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