Social Media Wall

Digital Engagement Enhances Live Engagement

Social Media feeds displayed on screens at live events have become a true staple. Strategy is what makes the use of these web-based technologies have value. Without the right strategy, I’ve seen this type of engagement actually hurt an event’s goals.

Here’s What I Can Provide You:

Social Media Screens At Meetings

    1. Years of experience implementing these technologies at events all over the world both remotely and on-site.
    2. Digital Marketing Strategist who understands how different platforms can be utilized for different results based on your event’s goals.
    3. Design of collateral to highlight sponsors and your brand.
    4. Moderation of content that reaches the screens based on your criteria.
    5. Content creation to guide the conversation and get the most from attendees while thanking sponsors and presenters.

Software Setup & Design: $800 (one day event)

Ask me about moderation & content creation.

Setup. Design. Moderate. Post.

Available For Everything Or Just Parts Of What You Need.

I listen. I'm smart.

I'm uniquely qualified to help you.