G2Planet’s Top 29 Event Industry Influencers

Great Company To Keep

Anytime an organization adds me to a list of event professionals to follow, I’m honored. It never gets old and I’m not too cool to admit that. What’s more is when I see who else is on those lists. I’ve almost always immediately feel both great and humble any time I’ve in the company of those who are working tirelessly to advance the live events industries.

Being added to G2Planet’s list of event professionals to follow is a wonderful way to close out 2017. What makes it extra special is that I’ve had the privilege of spending time with, working with (and for), and even calling some on this list friends. When I sit down at my computer and share my thoughts with the industry it can put a strain on deadlines I have due and even my personal life…but it’s worth it. Everything I am professionally able to do comes from the generosity of those smarter than I who have shared their wisdom with me. If I have anything to give back, it’s imperative I do so as well.

Check out G2Planet’s list of the Top 29 Event Professionals to Follow. I follow them all and I think you should too!