Nick Borelli Awarded ILEA International Volunteer of the Year

2015 – 2016 Spirit of Excellence Award Winner

I am humbled and honored to have been awarded the ILEA Spirit of Excellence Award for International Volunteer of the Year during the 2015 – 2016 year. In an association made up of literally thousands of volunteers located al over the globe, it’s overwhelming to be singled out.

2015 2016 International Award Winner

My 2015 – 2016 year with ILEA was centered around a number of positions I took on officially, as well and almost as many in an unofficial and advisory capacity.

During the year I held the titles of :


My tasks were as diverse as social media content creation and management for our international platforms (and kicking off our international Instagram account), working with international conference sponsor needs, chapter president for the host city of the first ILEA Roadshow, fifth ILEA Ohio WOW Awards, and first chapter day of education, contributing to the writing of our chapter’s Spirit of Excellence submissions, representing ILEA at the IMEX America Exhibition and working hard to bring members from other chapters to speak in our city.

nick borelli volunteer of the year

There is no question that my focus was split this year. The only reason that many of the initiatives I worked on this year were successful was due to others picking up my slack. Each time I added a new role to my year was because there was a need and I knew I could make an impact. In a year that featured the renaming of our association, and bold new initiatives such as Global Event Summit, I felt it important to roll up my sleeves and give as much as I could.

international-event-industry-awardMy absolute favorite way to make an impact on the association during the 2015 – 2016 year was by traveling to present and attend chapter events all over North America. Much of my personal goals for my year were centered around underlining the importance of the “I” in ILEA. We’re not a local association and we’re all stronger through our global network of industry professionals.

That one person is singled out each year in this way by the association is almost too much to take in when it’s you because you are given the award in a room full of people who are most likely all equally deserving.


I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who contributed to the work I had the opportunity to impact this year and I feel this is as much your award as it is mine. My goal now is to help someone else with the work they need accomplished in order to receive this award next year.



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