Quoted in Trade Show News Network – Influencer Marketing for Events

Influencer Marketing Is Here To Stay

Since individuals have the same access to publishing platforms as brands, many find themselves in a position to use the superior trust they have to highlight offerings of value to their followers. This is what separates endorsements from influencer marketing – the platform being utilized is one owned by an individual.

Since influencers focus on bringing value to a community, they have a lot in common with events. When event goals and influencer goals overlap, a natural partnership can form.

I was quoted along with some respected voices by the Trade Show News Network in a post about influencer marketing opportunities for live events.

Here’s a quote:

“Talk to industry associations, research who is being quoted in industry articles and talk to your customers about leaders they follow,” Several said. “There will be many different groups of influencers at each event as each category your event serves will have its own unique set of influencers.”

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