Ranked in the 60 Most Influential Event Professionals

Bizzabo’s 60 Most Influential Event Professionals

Regardless of what anyone else tells you, it’s always flattering to make it on a list for doing what you are good at. Big thanks to Bizzabo for putting this together. Lists like this make it easier for people to get more value from social media platforms like Twitter.

This list is based on event professionals on Twitter and ranked by the following criteria:

  • Klout Score
  • Moz Page Authority
  • Twitter Follower to Following ratio
  • Qualifications (whether they are an author, speaker or event awards judge)

I usually have a pretty fair Klout score for my professionals accounts when compared to other event professionals and writing for Event Manager Blog, Speaking, and being an event awards judge for a number of different ceremonies (wonder how/if they know that about me?) probably helped me. My webpage is pretty niche and doesn’t need to put up big numbers and my Twitter Follower to Following ration could be a lot better (need to clean that up!). All in all, in comes down to this: I am happy to be on any list with event professionals of this calibre. That’s got to be a win.

For the full list, click here.