THE Recommendation

Greatest LinkedIn Recommendation Ever

LinkedIn Recommendations can be really powerful. What better way to tell someone you how much you think of them while also staying at the top of their mind then this process? Once they approve your comments, they live on their profiles. This isn’t a temporary placement like posting to someone’s Facebook wall…this lasts!

I have given a few and recieved a few as well. Everyone should set a monthly goal of how many you fill out for others. Personally, I don’t believe in asking others to fill them out for you. I’d rather pay it forward and get a percentage back. That’s just my personal preference, however.

Most are short, sweet, and to the point. The better ones contain hard data and ROI of our relationships. The best ones…well…are creative. Here’s my personal favorite that Rick Turner wrote for me:

Rick Turner, Director of Business Development, Event Source
was with another company when working with Nick at Executive Caterers, Inc

“Nick is what I consider one of the finest warlords in all of East Africa. His tireless drive differentiated his work from that of the other rag-tag bands of marauders in the sense that his brutality was so focused, it became his signature. He also appreciates a good brand, and was exclusive in his use of Toyota pickups as rolling machine gun platforms. Mr. Borelli brought his elevated negotiation skills to the table when UN Peacekeepers worked to apply a new market territory in his region, and were thrust out before any headway was made. I’ve worked with a number of so called Six-Sigma black belts in areas like the former Rhodesia, Sudan and Sierra Leonne, but none can hold a molotov cocktail to Mr. Borelli’s work.” October 4, 2011