Quick Review – Loaves & Fishes

Website Review – Loaves & Fishes

First read my longer review of Catering by Design’s site for further explanation. I plan on building from there. I might give quicker answers here (as to not be redundant).

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Loaves & Fishes – Atlanta, GA Caterers

My initial reaction to this site is that it’s a really elegant look! It’s a WordPress template that seems somewhat out of the box and blog-like (which I generally like more than most). It seems a bit unfinished to me, though. Before I get into that, here’s a few things I really like:

  • Central logo placement looks really good.
  • Blog post synopsis under the slider.
  • Slider Image.
  • Big Quote over the image.
  • Modular Main Nav Bar (REALLY cool script there! No matter how this is viewed, it works. Exceptional!).
  • The inclusion of a blog!

Here’s what I would change:

The “Atlanta Event Catering Services” at the top left is good copy but it’s taking up more space above the fold then you need. It’s an unedited Word Press template thing that is in most free templates but can be easily edited out of the style sheet from someone from Fiverr.com or your designer. I’ll tell you where I think that type of copy should go further down.

Curiously, “Contact Us” is on your Main Nav twice. I know I’ve been known to say this is the most important part of a small business’s site but this is clearly an error (2 second fix). These links send you to two slight different pages that do the same thing. Pick one (the first one in my opinion) and get rid of the other one.


The slider graphic in the middle has arrows to advance to other images and copy, yet there is only one image. This looks unfinished. Either get rid of the arrows (style sheet change through a designer…harder) or add additional images and copy (should be able to do it yourself and would look better). I think additional photos that show off food would be a big bonus. This is a great shot but it doesn’t say caterer like food does.

Consider separate pages for different event types. The client doesn’t know exactly know what they are looking for…but they do know that. Those pages can hyper focus on those event types and you won’t have to water down what you are saying by including event event type in everything you say. Get relevant information about the event they are planning as fast and specific as possible.

The blog synopsis images and copy widget under your large slider image is a pretty cool area of the site! That said, you need to choose a featured image (with the right size specs) for each post. There seems to be duplicate posts here as well. Understanding how this widget works and which categories it pulls from will make it more effective. Without looking at how this works on the backend, I can’t get more detailed. marketing website design

Like I had mentioned in the previous review, your phone number should be at the top of each page and there needs to be anchor text so people looking for your services can find you through search engines. The inclusion of a blog is going to go a long way to helping your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but you have to keep up with it and follow blogging best practices (there are MANY).

Quick checklist of blogging best practices: include links to companies you work with on event, bold important copy, list what you do and where you did it, and create content that many people would find interesting (remember you are an expert). There are many more things you can do but if you do those things, you’ll be further ahead than most!

Your Photo Gallery is a GREAT feature. I think it could be enhanced greatly through the inclusion of a “Light Box” like application. Having to navigate and and forth the way you have it now is not the website experience modern web users are into. There are many free WordPress utilities that would work for you.

Those are a few things I’d change but I’m really impressed with the direction you are moving in! I also really enjoyed the photos you selected. Great job!